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2020 publications round up

A round-up of publications for 2020, great output with our colleagues:
Overexpression of an ALS-associated FUS mutation in C. elegans disrupts NMJ morphology and leads to defective neuromuscular transmission. Markert et al. Biology Open (PDF)
Open syntaxin overcomes synaptic transmission defects in diverse C. elegans exocytosis mutants. Tien et al. Nature Communications (PDF)
Flexible motor sequence generation during stereotyped escape responses. Yuan et al. eLife (PDF)
Efficient and cost‐effective 3D cellular imaging by sub‐voxel‐resolving light‐sheet add‐on microscopy. Zhao et al. J. Biophotonics (PDF)
– Optogenetic manipulation of postsynaptic cAMP using a novel transgenic mouse line enables synaptic plasticity and enhanced depolarization in the hippocampal dentate gyrus. Luyben et al. Frontiers in Neural Circuits (PDF)